For more than 25 years, we have been offering:

Minimal costs for our customers with maximum sales results.

IKS - History
Since 1992, we have been exclusively marketing real estate deriving from insolvencies. We have successively expanded from being a pure real estate agency in the early years into a comprehensive service package. We are thus able to offer our customers an excellent service.
Insolvency law and the German Civil Code (in particular rental, asset and property rights), as well as compulsory bidding and administration law, are our daily business.
Specialists at work
We are proud of our highly qualified and growing team: Our trained specialists, who have many years of experience in this specialized field, are here to support you; our team includes real estate sales associates, attorneys, licensed commercial lawyers and certified appraisers.
Strong market presence
With 8 internet portals, we cover more than 90% of this market, using the leading market flow fact software. Large-format advertising posters ensure additional exposure on the site and, of course, our diverse, constantly growing customer base offers ideal options for marketing real estate.
The best contacts with creditor banks
In our 25 years of working in this market sector, we have developed very good contacts with the relevant departments at creditor banks throughout Germany. We can coordinate price expectations and marketing strategies with participating banks with the help of our marketing assessment.
Sale of a business in general
To continue the operation, it is sometimes economically sensible to offer an industrial hall with the inventory at the earliest possible point in time. We regularly and successfully find parties interested in purchasing complete, insolvent companies. As such, we receive a better yield for the inventory beyond the liquidation values. We can also secure a higher purchase price for the property if it is used for the same purpose in the future.
Joint ownership of residential properties
We are highly successful at selling joint ownership shares of residential properties. We do this by conducting careful consultations with family members and presenting the insolvent parties and their spouses with creative solutions.
Sale of inheritance shares
We clarify difficult inheritance conditions and the insolvent inheritance share is added to a sale.
Settling complicated land registry situations
We can even market properties encumbered by several property leans and self-securing mortgages. Through patient, detail-oriented work, we identify the participants, negotiate the installment payments and procure the deletion documents.
Drafting and concluding purchase agreements
The purchase agreements we prepare take into account the need of the insolvency administrator to be released from all risks and costs. For years, we have been working with a select number of reliable notary publics who are very familiar with purchase agreements involving insolvent sellers. We handle the certification, the costs of which are borne by the purchaser, on your behalf without a power of attorney.
Consideration of the property-related costs
Before each sale, we determine all potentially open, property-related costs and take them into consideration during payment installment meetings with the creditor banks and in the purchase price distribution.
Huge customer potential for commercial properties
Due to our large customer base, we constantly receive new requests for commercial properties, even in less popular areas. This allows for a quick sale and avoids a long, high-risk vacancy. We have even sold industrial wastelands that used to be considered unsellable.
Energy certificate
An energy assessment expert from our company creates an Energy Performance Certificate for our client, at a reasonable price, before we begin our marketing efforts. Either we bear the costs or we pass these on to the purchaser in the event of a sale.
ISO 9001 Certification (in preparation)
To meet the increased demands of our customers and optimize our own standards of quality, we are currently preparing to apply for ISO 9001 certification.


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