Why does the customer have to sign a cancellation policy? Are costs incurred?

Dear customer,

Following the amendments that were made to consumer rights in June of this year, real estate companies are now obliged to inform customers of their legal cancellation rights. Legislators are thus reinforcing consumers’ rights. We are facing this challenging process in order to keep you informed, to the best of our ability. It is our responsibility to ensure that our customers know their rights. We will do our best to make this process as comfortable and transparent as possible for you. You’ll see that we want our customers to be actively informed rather than bothered with additional modalities.

That’s why, when we start working for you right away by sending you documents or scheduling a walkthrough appointment with you as soon as possible, we require your consent.

You thus agree to allow us to send you the information prior to the expiration of the statutory cancellation period and thus execute the real estate agent contract. When the real estate agent’s duties have been completely fulfilled, your 14-day right to cancel expires.

As always, you only have to pay if a rental/lease or purchase agreement is concluded. If you ultimately decide not to sell the offered property, no commission will be charged.

Do I have to bear additional costs for a sale from an insolvency?

The costs of a sale are generally borne by the purchaser. Due to the insolvency, additional costs may be incurred which the purchaser also has to bear. They rarely exceed € 1,000.00. The precise amount depends on the individual case. Please ask us about these costs ahead of time.

Is the property auctioned off?

We accompany the private sale of the property, i.e., until a purchase agreement is concluded at a notary public and the sale is concluded in this agreement. On rare occasions, a compulsory bidding procedure will run in parallel, which ends when the purchase agreement is concluded.